Racing club of vjti college

VJTI Racing


About Association

  VJTI Racing would highly appreciate your assistance in any form that you can. We completely understand that our association must be symbiotic and we offer you various association benefits, as mentioned below. We will promote your company at :



           DNA Auto Expo

            (VAshi , Goregaon)

           Automation Expo


College events

            At Technovanza

            At E-cell


           BAJA (Indore)

           ATVC (Ahmedabad)


“A leader is one who knows the way,goes the way,and shows the way”
Channeling our efforts in the right direction,here’s the Senate for the 2020 season!

          Rushikesh Sheth

           General Secretory

Saransh Jain
Joint General Secretary

Suraj Chaurasiya

Innovation Head 


Yash Mange
Team Captain

Vishnu Dhanuka


Tanya Samanta

Team Administrator


Dhaval Diwani

Tanvi Mangaonkar

Sponsorship Head 


Durgesh Takalkar

Sponsorship Head


from our alumni

“Whether you’re a driving enthusiast or a casual follower, everyone to various degrees wants to own one or sit in one. You get to experiment and you get to make mistakes and you get to do it wrong before you do it right and plus it is fun with learning. If you want to try something completely outrageous, it’s a really neat experience and a platform to explore. So, this club really turned my life around, and helped me grow in every aspects from technical to non – technical.
Hence, VJTI Racing is not just an ordinary club but a small journey of lifetime which I’ll never forgetsl in my further life. “

Shubham Kamble

“Journey of 3 years with VJTI Racing was full of new experiences. It all started with go-kart and then SAE BAJA INDIA 18. It taught me many technical as well as non technical things, importance of good team bonding, etc. It taught me that if you will keep on complaining about something then you won’t get it instead start working on it, you will achieve it. It also gave me a life lesson that whatever you do, do it perfectly at the first time without any excuses, you might not get time to work on the same thing again and again.”


Let’s Build Something


Veermata Jijabai Technological institute,

H R Mahajani Marg,Matunga,Mumbai 400019

Contact No. 

General Secretary 

Rushikesh Sheth : +919028389897